Camera Obscura (AARCH)

We were assigned the task of making our own camera obscuras and placing them somewhere in the city of Aarhus for the duration of a week. We were to make boxes with a pinhole and put paper that reacts to light inside. After that, a trip to the dark room with a very lowly saturated photographic developer fluid. This way any movement and changing lights, etc. would be captured because of the slow exposure and the gentle developing. I chose to make two different cameras taking in the same view from Architecture firm CF Møllers roof terrasse, pointing towards the harbor and towards building sites with cranes that moved during the course of the week. One camera box was round (a cookie jar) and one rectangular (a shoe box). The image on the cookie jar was therefore distorted as seen on the right.

Unfortunately the photo paper on the rounded camera was stuck too well to the inside of the box, and in my efforts to remove it I left several finger prints. Something to take into account next time.
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