De-habitation (AARCH)

This project was a big one (1st year, 2013). My entire year went to Thy in Northern Denmark, where an old school was destined to be torn down. The architecture school however had a deal with the city council, allowing us to come and tear down some of it and make interventions, bringing some of it home to show off in Aarhus. In this way we could, in 1:1 experience what making different interventions, holes in walls, painting rooms, etc. does to the space inside and out.

I won the photo competition that was part of the assignment. We were asked to take 3 photos that showed our work and the context - rural Jutland.
Scale model showing my groups proposed interventions upon the school as well as the group project of making an actual physical section through the schools gym from basement to roof.
My group went out in 4 directions from the school taking photos of different pre-defined details and things in the landscape.

I then chose to arrange them as a kind of sensory, image map. Not showing geography, but rather important things you see and experience in the different directions.
Then I made a bench for the exhibition following the assignment in the schools main exhibition building. Visitors could then sit on the bench looking on the photos while looking at other parts of the exhibition such as a video from the area.
I was also responsible for the design of the posters for all the groups.
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