Expanding metal

A group project oriented towards learning and mastering techniques involving metal and and AARCH's water-jet cutter. My trajectory was aimed towards the practice of expanding metal - that is cutting metal strategically so that it can be stretched and therefore create double curvature. All the trajectories used 0.5mm steel, so the steel itself was inherently not structural - that had to come from the designs. Our design however, was not ideal for structure, as it doesn't add folds or stitches that can give structural depth. Therefore we ended up marrying it to the curved origami seen in the final iteration that was molded as a suit of armor after being cut. In that way we the curved folds are controlled, but the pattern itself can adapt to any shape as it stretches. A final design was made, where I made a grasshopper definition that could vary the pattern in various ways, so that it can graduate and in that way get controlled deformation. I will update this section when that part is complete.

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