My name is Jens Buch-Dohrmann. I'm an architect, computational designer, web developer and graphic designer. Since 2016 I have been employed at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Aarhus, Denmark and have through the years been working on a number of extremely interesting projects in varying scales and typologies.
This website, my portfolio, does not contain a full record of my professional work as an architect, rather, I see it as a way to display a mixture of many different creative projects I have undertaken through the years. Some professional, some academic, and some for my own amusement. So the entries here range from school projects from architecture school to websites from my days freelancing as a web- and graphic designer, onto artworks in mediums ranging from digital art, to charcoal drawings.
I don't see these different creative fields as opposing each other, but rather as a continuation of my work and my design ideals.
 I believe that these different skill-sets enable me to work more freely and think differently about design solutions.
If you think I'm right for a task or have any questions, 
don't hesitate to contact me using the form below.
Thank you!
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