We each walked in a different direction with GPS tracking activated on our phones, we took photos on the way of things that caught our attention and then following the trip - we drew a map of how we imagined our trips around town to have been.
Comparing one of the imagined trips to the actual GPS track and sattelite images shows how much the mind distorts reality, for a variety of reasons. 
A map of all the percieved routes (dotted), GPS (weak red) and traced on map (dark red)
We chose to focus on the difference between objective, geographic reality, and our own perceptions by filling in the gaps between these two 'realities' with photos of what distracted us - i.e. the things that distorted our perception of time and space.
The final piece is images from all of our routes comprised into one, very different map, that shows not geography, nor space, but events and experiences in time, that aren't bound to the map anymore, but still bears clear signs of coming from it.
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