When you arrive at the Turkish Bath, or Hamam, it wil lbe from one of three sides, all characterized by stairs. Istanbul is a very hilly city, and through many centuries layers upon layers of construction have created strange connections and areas.
The assignment was to make a bath itself, and a café/restaurant in connection with it. On the left you see the reception. On the right the courtyard where the restaurant is placed. In both you see the green cube which contains the room where bathers relax after the bath itself.
The restaurant is placed below this cube which seemingly floats. Light flows down its sides.
Changing rooms. Bridge to cold relaxing space. Cold room.
bridge to hot bathing rooms. Notice how there are no doors in the project, but rather free passage around walls with changing experiences on the other side.
In the bathing room the air and all surfaces are heated. You sweat and wash yourself on a bench running along all the outter walls. You sit below skylights which bring light down the wall. At the far end of the room, there is a plinth for massaging.
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