The house is in essence divided into two parts. The top floor is the hamam; the lower floor is the restaurant.
We wanted this split in the building visible in materiality as well as in geometry. This led us to the idea of a modular approach.
Using the idea of clearly defined boxes, stacked on top of one another.
Early sketches - exterior
Technical drawings - the building is on a slope, the site has connections at various heights and entrances at the different floors responding to the ground level.
The Hamam is made of thick concrete walls, which cantilever out from above the restaurant,
which in turn is made of greyish/yellowish unevenly sized lime stones.
The cube is consists of a glass enclosure, steel frames and wooden shutters - the cube is suspended by reinforced concrete beams.
What made us interested in this site was the diversity of experiences, levels, flows of people, traffic and businesses around it.
It is a truly chaotic place in a truly chaotic city.
In contrast to this, we wanted to create a hamam where everything is calm, organized and controlled.
plan 0 : restaurant, staff, courtyard - plan 1: the bath - plan 2: the roof, the cube
Model details - reception, rythm - stairwell tower - the cube hanging in the restaurant
The walk to the cold room - where the bather relaxes after the bathing session and drinks tea
1:20 model of the cold room inside the cube
Render - the cold room
early sketches - the way to the hot room
render - the hot room
early sketches - the restaurant below the cube
render - the restaurant and courtyard
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